About Us

As the company name suggests, Katie Strange Recruitment Ltd is run and managed by me, Katie Strange.

As with many professions, recruitment is highly competitive. What makes individual consultants stand out is their personality and their approach to the recruitment process.

I set up my business several years ago and I wanted to share with you a little bit more about myself, why I love my job and what I hope to achieve…

Katie Strange

Katie Strange

When and why did you establish Katie Strange Recruitment Ltd?

Katie Strange Recruitment Ltd started in May 2016. I had successfully worked in the recruitment industry for over 4 years and I had the desire to “go it alone”. I loved my old team and at the time it was a huge decision. I hadn’t necessarily planned on starting my own business, it felt like the right thing to do and I’m very pleased that I did!

I had won 3 consecutive national awards for my annual achievements within permanent recruitment and this gave me the belief and confidence to start KSR Ltd.

Why is Katie Strange Recruitment Ltd different?

ME! If you look online you will probably find another 30 recruitment companies in Peterborough all offering very similar services. The difference is the individual. My work ethic, personality and ability to understand your business is what makes me different.

I am a loyal and honest person and I think this comes across in my business. I have built genuine partnerships with the companies that I work for and I have become a key part of their HR and Recruitment processes. Matching skills is essential, but matching a team fit is vital!

I love what I do, I work with companies that I believe in and this allows me to offer a genuine service to both them and potential applicants who are looking for work across Peterborough.

Katie Strange Recruitment

What type of businesses do you work with?

The majority of the businesses that I work with are local SME’s who tend to recruit between 1 and 10 times a year. These businesses tend to have a sole HR Manager or a handful of senior leaders who oversee the recruitment process.

After meeting with the business and truly understanding their requirements I have been able to add real value to their recruitment process, saving them a huge amount of time and money.

I really enjoy working in these business environments, you become an integral part of the recruitment process and certainly become part of the team.

Who is Katie Strange?

A good question! I am a born and bred Peterborough girl. I did branch out for a few years, I didn’t know which direction to take so I took a 3 year “gap year” and never quite made it to University!

I worked, saved and travelled. I visited some amazing places including Madagascar, I also completed a ski season in France whilst working in a mountain restaurant.

I love sport, I attempt to run and play netball most weeks!

With work, I was lucky and fell into recruitment. I was working in a sales role, I saw a Recruitment job advertised, after a little pestering and several phone calls I managed to secure myself an interview and I started with the business 4 weeks later.

I have a positive outlook on life and I love what I do!

Katie Strange Recruitment