Is now a worthy time to attract future talent?

recruiting future talent in Peterborough

With unemployment at its highest level in almost five years, official figures show that younger workers have unfortunately borne the brunt of these job losses.

The number of people on company payrolls was down 726,000 on pre-pandemic levels. Almost three-fifths of these were younger than 25 years.

Could this present a great opportunity for employers who are now looking to hire?

The market will inevitably tighten and competition to attract the top talent will increase so considering applicants from a range of industries and with varying skills could be an ideal option!

Our younger generation has a huge amount to offer. If you’re not necessarily recruiting a skill specific role then now could be a great time to focus on recruiting attitude, ambition and transferable core skills.

The recruitment and interview process can be amended to specifically highlight these areas. Instead of focussing on previous job roles we can adopt a different approach to highlight the individuals core competencies and transferable skills. We can also test their commitment and capabilities by asking them to produce a piece of work or to complete a business specific task.

Now could be a worthy time to think outside the box and attract future talent!

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