Looking to hire in 2021?

looking to hire in 2021

The job market has shifted dramatically and understanding how candidates behave is crucial. In the current climate, how you engage with candidates will be remembered.

It goes without saying, always treat candidates like you would a customer.

97.1% of candidates say they’re more likely to accept a job offer if they have a positive route to hire experience…..this starts with your Recruitment Consultant!

Top Tips for recruiting in 2021…..

• Have a clear and definite understanding of the skills/individual you require before starting the recruitment process
• Move swiftly, there are a lot of candidates in the market, the good ones will move quickly!
• Highlight your benefits package and “perks” as early as possible
• Be open minded, if your role isn’t skill specific consider interviewing candidates from various backgrounds or those looking to enter new industries

Candidate behaviour in 2020

  • Average applications per vacancy are up by 106%
  • 61% of visits on CV Library come from mobile.
  • Searches for remote jobs are up by 174% from this time last year.
  • Job adverts get the most views on a Wednesday.
  • Monday is the most common day for job applications.
  • The most popular time for candidates to view jobs is between 9am and 11am.

(Based on CV Library job market data, June 2020 data vs June 2019)