One Woman Business vs Global Pandemic

recruitment and global pandemic

So, this is new territory!!!!! I am the single employee of my business and have spent the last few weeks going around in circles. In an attempt to share my thoughts and bring myself some clarity, I have decided to write. I’m hoping it might help!!

When I started my business in 2016 I knew I would come across things that I had never dealt with before, building websites, managing accounts; this however (and we all know what “this” is) is completely different!

At the time of the last recession (2008/2009), I had just finished my A levels. I was working in a short term job and was heading off on my travels; to be completely honest, I didn’t know anything about it!

For me and for a lot of people, we have never experienced anything like this before, economically or socially.

The social part I can deal with (just) and from a business perspective, it’s actually ok. We have all become online experts, jumping from one Zoom to another!

The economic part is the scary part. As a small business owner I’m used to the ”ups and downs” but this feels different! It’s uncertain, no one really seems to know what to expect.

As we’ve seen in the media, some companies will thrive, the demand for their products or services will soar.

However……some companies (quite possibly the majority) won’t. These companies will essentially be starting afresh, re-evaluating and working to completely new budgets!

As a service provider to small and medium size businesses, I guess my biggest question after all of this is where do I fit in? And I think the honest answer is, no one knows!

Some companies will bounce straight back, some might have a “steady” couple of months before picking back up, for some it might take much longer.

In these circumstances it’s hard to plan, no one really knows what they are planning for.

So, Instead of me worrying about it, my plan is to do my best to make sure that I am ready and available for when companies do need my services.

Companies will recruit again. There will be a very strong pool of available candidates and I will be here to support both sides as much as possible, as and when they need it!

If you would like to discuss any potential recruitment plans or if you require any interim support in a HR or recruitment capacity, feel free to get in touch. I would be more than happy to offer my support and guidance where possible. 01733 851480.