Preparing for the "NEW NORMAL"

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With a lot of talk around the “new normal” and with 2021 on the horizon, is now a good time to assess, evaluate and potentially refresh business processes and operations?

Many of you will have already addressed new working regulations in regards to working from home, flexible hours and everything else that Covid has brought with it. But could now be a good time to amend these policies permanently?

As much as we’re all fed up of talking about it, the Covid pandemic has had a huge impact on the working world.

Offices housing hundreds of employee’s shut overnight and within days, these companies successfully set up remote workforces up and down the country.

This change was very much forced upon us but we can’t argue that it hasn’t opened our eyes to new ways of working.

Could it be time to consider more permanent changes?

• Can we now offer flexible working solutions?

• Can employees successfully split their time between the office and working from home?

• Can employee’s work remotely permanently?

• Can we accommodate new and different rota’s?

• Can we work with our employees to achieve a successful working solution to suit both?

• Can we retain our top talent by offering this flexibility?

• Can we align business values and goals whilst offering some flexibility to our staff?

• Can we now place more trust on our employees?

It is certainly a time for reflection and change!

What do employee’s think?

From an employee’s perspective, good or bad, it has certainly opened their eyes to a new way of working. Many of which finding a much better work life balance when allowed to occasionally or permanently work from home. This isn’t necessarily the same for everyone but it has definitely highlighted the pro’s and con’s.
All of sudden, the 40 minute commute seems that much longer!

What do I think?

From a recruiter’s perspective, I am 100% certain that flexible working arrangements will be a growing priority for job seekers in 2021. I am already having those conversations.
If, as a business you can offer some flexibility then I think it will definitely give you an advantage when attracting and retaining the very best talent.
If not, it could become an increasing obstacle.

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