Recruiting? 3 essential tips!

recruiting during lockdown

3 key tips if you’re recruiting or looking to recruit in the next couple of months?

The job market is slowly starting pick back up. It is however quite different. Having spoken with several businesses and many prospect candidates I’ve identified a few new trends.

These 3 simple tips might help….

Identify and consider transferable skills – There are currently a lot of very competent and capable individuals looking for work. Whilst they may not have direct experience in your industry, the majority will possess excellent core skills and will be able to transfer these skills over very quickly.

If they have a stable CV, demonstrate a desire to learn and possess a strong work ethic then approach the recruitment process with an open mind and you could pick up a “superstar”.

Test Commitment – This is crucial. Understandably, a lot of people are currently looking for work and are therefore applying for a number of jobs. A lot of job boards are also offering a “one click” application process. This doesn’t necessarily test that individuals commitment to your job specifically. I would add emphasise to this during the recruitment process, whether that’s adding in an additional step/task or covering this further at an interview.

High volume of applicants – With unemployment on the rise we are seeing a high volume of applications for all jobs. To manage this process properly and maintain a positive business brand, this can be a time consuming process. If you are currently recruiting then now could be a good time to bring in an extra pair of hands, either internally or externally. If you haven’t got the resource internally then get in touch!

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