When did you last blow your own trumpet?

self praise and appreciation

As human beings we are quite good at being self-critical, I think this has been highlighted over the last few months; even more so if you have been working from home!

Am I working hard enough? Am I working long enough? Should I stop for 5 minutes and make my 2nd coffee of the morning? It’s a constant battle!

Without colleague/management contact, it can feel quite isolating.

However, we do need to stop and reflect on the positives! When was the last time you blew your own trumpet?……

Last week I received two emails from candidates that I had been working with. One was an old client of mine, the other got in contact through a recommendation. Both of them got in touch last week to let me know that they had secured new roles. They were absolutely delighted and simply emailed me to say THANK YOU.

I hadn’t directly found them these new roles but I had helped them throughout. Offering advice on their CV’s, helping them prepare for their interviews and providing them an ear when they just wanted to talk a few things through.

These two simple emails really made me smile. It’s the first time in a long while that I actually stopped and reflected on their content. I acknowledged their “thank you’s” and I took a minute to remind myself that I am good at what I do; I do positively help both candidates and businesses through some very tough recruitment processes.

I’m a positive person and positive in business but I think at times we need to remind ourselves to celebrate the small wins and acknowledge our achievements.

Accept the compliment, acknowledge the praise and sometimes….give yourself a little pat on the back!!