Looking to recruit?

Choosing the right recruitment partner is crucial! You entrust a lot of responsibility in this individual and they represent your business in the wider market. They have conversations on your behalf and very often create that crucial first impression.

It is essential to work with a consultant who understands your business. The recruitment market is crowded but I am different and I will offer you more!

Why am I different?

I specifically work with SMEs. Some of my clients will recruit once or twice a year, the majority will recruit anywhere up to 10 new employees each year. The recruitment and hiring process for SMEs is different and every new hire is critical.

I understand the restraints on smaller business; less time, reduced budgets, forever plate spinning. I understand that it is even more important to get your recruitment right. I will help you to attract, recruit, engage and retain the very best talent!

What I offer...

  • A Partnership – I will act as your recruitment partner. I might not be sat in the office with you but I will be an extension of your team. I will get to know your business, your departments and your culture, allowing me to reliably represent your business during the recruitment process.
  • Support – I’m in the process of launching a secret project (more on that very soon!). I will offer guidance throughout the recruitment process, this includes attraction, engagement, motivation, retention and everything in-between!
  • Honesty and Integrity – I am a big believer in integrity and doing things properly. I pride myself on offering a very genuine and honest service. You put a lot of trust in me, I guarantee that I will do my very best to represent your business in the best way possible.
  • A Personal Approach – I don’t have a big team behind me, it’s just me. I will always be at the end of the phone and I will always be there to help. This allows me to build excellent relationships with my clients and offer a guaranteed 1-2-1 service.
  • The Recruitment Process – Job advertising, CV sorting, candidate profiling, conducting interviews and full support throughout the recruitment process.

Benefits of partnering with an experienced SME recruitment specialist…

  • Save time – work with an established consultant that understands your business.
  • Save money – tailored fee agreements.
  • Market knowledge.
  • Extended reach – access to a large talent pool.
  • Employer Brand – I will represent your business, ensuring all potential employees receive a positive and professional experience.
  • Access to a free community of likeminded HR Managers/Team Leaders, where we all share new ideas and cover topics including attraction, onboarding, engagement, retention and much more. Come and join us!
Experienced Recruitment Consultant

Why Choose Katie Strange Recruitment?

I’m an experienced consultant who cares. I will work in partnership with your business to attract and recruit the very best talent.

Over recent years I have built excellent relationships with ambitious SMEs and have played a fundamental part in their growth and hiring processes.

The relationships I have in place are built on trust, integrity and hard work. I will act as an extension of your business and I will deliver results.

Post Covid recruitment for SMEs

The employment market has changed dramatically over the last 18 months and this is largely due to Covid. Employees have been given more autonomy, remote working has become the norm and flexibility is everyone’s new favourite word!

As an SME now could be a good time to reflect on your business identity and potentially evaluate your hiring process. If you are hoping to recruit in the near future, who do you want to attract and how can you attract them?

It’s become a very competitive market, desired benefits are changing and top candidates are being snapped up very quickly!

I am launching an online community designed specifically for SMEs to cover all things recruitment. Attraction, Recruitment, Onboarding, Engagement, Retention and much more so keep an eye out!

If you are currently recruiting or would like to discuss these services further then please get in touch via the form below or contact the office directly on 01733 851480.