Looking to recruit? Keen to build a trusted partnership with an experienced consultant?

Recruiting can be a timely and costly exercise. By working in partnership with a reliable and experienced consultant, I can take the majority of that work away. Offering a simple, effective and affordable recruitment service.

I will put my hands up, there are a lot of us out there, but I am different!

Local SME’s and key hires

I predominantly work with local SME’s who recruit from 1 to 10 new employees each year. This normally means that these individuals are key members of staff who will have a huge impact on the growth and direction of these businesses.

It is therefore essential that it isn’t a numbers game. It is absolutely vital that I find the right people. Of course, they need to hold the right skills and experience but they also need to “fit”!

What I can offer

  • The usual! The full recruitment process – Job advertising, CV sorting, conducting telephone interviews, face to face interviews and full support throughout the process.
  • Support with job descriptions – writing a job profile can be very time consuming. How to bring 15 bullet points to life? Let me help.
  • Support with the recruitment process – does it need a new lease of life? Have you been asking the same set of questions for the last 5 years?
  • Profiling the ideal candidate – who do you actually want to recruit? What skills are essential? What skills can be trained?
  • Support with employee retention – ideas on employee benefit schemes? What can we do to match competitors?
  • Guidance with local salary bands – are we offering enough money?

Benefits of partnering with a local and experienced Recruitment Consultant

  • Time saving
  • Simplicity
  • Market knowledge
  • Budgeting – one pre-agreed fee
  • Extended reach – access to a large talent pool
  • Employer brand – I act on your behalf and can bring a vacancy to life. Your advert all of a sudden has a voice behind it. I am able to offer detailed insights into your business, the working environment and the key benefits you offer.
  • And… let me waste half an hour waiting for the “no show”
Experienced Recruitment Consultant

Why Choose Katie Strange Recruitment?

I am an experienced recruitment consultant who cares. I will help you identify genuine candidates and not just applicants.

As your recruitment partner I will work as an extension of your business. I will act on your behalf and will best represent your business throughout the recruitment process. I act with professionalism, honesty and integrity.

The relations I have in place with my current clients are built on trust. For me to offer you the very best service, it is essential for me to meet with you and your team and to gain a true insight into your business.

Let’s work together

With unemployment at its lowest for several years, a slight salary increase isn’t unfortunately always going to attract the best candidates. Now, more than ever when trying to attract new talent, it is vital that we identify and highlight a business’s key selling points.

What is your business culture? How many days holiday do you offer? Do you offer flexible working hours? These questions are becoming more and more significant. It is my responsibility to work with you in identifying these additional benefits and highlighting them to potential applicants throughout the recruitment process.

If you are currently recruiting or would like to discuss these services further then please get in touch via the form below or contact the office directly on 01733 851480.